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design you a simple logo for your business or website

in Graphics & Logo
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I'm a professional graphics designer certified by adobe and I'll design you a simple logo for your business. The wit includes 1 concept and 1 revision. So, please provide me with as much information you can about your company and what kind of logo you're looking for. If you need more revision or concepts, buy my extra wit. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problem.

Please provide the text of the logo, color choice, and as much information you can about your company and what kind of logo you're looking for. I would appreciate if you can provide me with a reference picture.

design you a simple logo for your business or website
design you a simple logo for your business or websitedesign you a simple logo for your business or websitedesign you a simple logo for your business or website
26 positive
3 negative
  • Divya
    TOC TOC06/06/2014 12:26
    negativeNo answers....
    Divya09/12/2014 11:14
    positiveI'm really very sorry. I didn't saw your message and order since I was away for past 8 months for business. It good to see that you got your refund, but sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  • Divya
    GIO'24/04/2014 19:35
    negativeno delivery, I got a full refund.
    Divya09/12/2014 11:16
    positiveI'm really sorry. I didn't got to finish your order as I was away for past 8 months.
  • Divya
    LWeb14/02/2014 12:09
  • Divya
    LWeb23/01/2014 16:38
    positiveI love your work great my huge compliments man.
  • Divya
    Car Design20/12/2013 19:36
    positivequality logo and well executed, thank you.
  • Divya
    Car Design17/12/2013 11:29
    positiveGood work as I requested. Thank you so much!
  • Divya
    Emanuela04/12/2013 18:18
    positiveVery Very fast and the work is exactly what I asked you to do.
  • Divya
    Giugi29/11/2013 18:23
    positiveNothing special, not really what I wanted and very slowly Seller!!
  • Divya
    Emanuela20/11/2013 16:40
    positiveyeah I like it, you could anyways improve your image quality.
    Divya03/12/2013 17:34
    positiveSorry, that's the best I could do with my software. The initial image which you provided was of too low resolution so I couldn't properly trace it.
  • Divya
    coco14/11/2013 19:25
    negativeI got no work done
    Divya03/12/2013 17:35
    positiveI'm really very sorry coco. I was away for a month and didn't had access to internet or a PC. So, I couldn't deliver your wit on time.
  • Divya
    Cioci31/10/2013 12:43
    positiveAwesome work, very dedicated Seller! Thanks
  • Divya
    Cioci23/10/2013 12:40
    positiveVery nice work and dedicated Seller! My thanks Divya
  • Divya
    Nate10/10/2013 17:44
    positiveThis logo is simple but nice, thank you.
  • Divya
    Guido12/09/2013 11:34
    positiveVery good job and you are my partner for Fitoil :-)
  • Divya
    Lovely05/08/2013 16:50
    positiveSweeeeet!!! I do like it. My very thanks
  • Divya
    Cioci15/07/2013 11:55
    positiveGreat thanks! fast and perfect job, you rock ;-)
  • Divya
    Giugi02/07/2013 14:35
    positiveThank you good work
  • Divya
    Cioci21/06/2013 10:57
    positivegreat person very nice working with you :-)
  • Divya
    jane C.13/06/2013 15:43
    positiveoh my compliments they are both 2 great rendering and very classy but coherent with the topic, INCREDIBLE WORK AND JUST FOR 4,99$ I AM AMAZED THANKS HUBWIT AND DIVYA.
  • Divya
    Paul12/06/2013 10:49
    positivePerfect and super fast job. Thanks Divya!
  • Divya
    Cioci28/05/2013 17:14
    positiveGood work with 3 revisions, but a little late. Thanks ;-)
  • Divya
    Mike13/05/2013 15:46
    positiveGreat work as usual man!
  • Divya
    MARIO08/05/2013 12:11
    positivethanks Divya great work!
  • Divya
    Guido26/04/2013 18:49
    positiveNice logo for my business. Thanks
  • Divya
    Cioci02/04/2013 11:59
    positiveGreat Seller as usual, precise and a true expert!!!
  • Divya
    Mike18/03/2013 15:47
    positiveThanks Divya great work!
  • Divya
    Mike13/03/2013 12:56
    positiveThanks very kind and dedicated Seller. The logo is ok level.
  • Divya
    Will03/01/2013 22:58
    positiveGood job. Fast and professional seller. Tnks
  • Divya
    SUBLIME12/12/2012 19:11
    positiveFast, accurate and helpful! Top seller, great Divya. Thanks
    Divya23/01/2013 19:44
    positiveThank you so much!!