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Terms and Conditions of Use

This document aims to describe the Terms and Conditions of use relating to website, which must be respected by all the "Users", whether they are "Registered Users" (which can assume the quality of "Sellers" or "Buyers") or even simple "Unregistered Users", that access or consult the site. With regard to the treatment modality and the management of personal information by the website, take vision of the Information on the processing of personal data.

1. Terms and Conditions

1.1 The Registration, the profile access, the viewing and / or the use of the information contained on the free access site, by any "Users", both "Registered Users" ("Sellers"or "Buyers") or an "Unregistered Users", constitutes an explicit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. Hubwit®

2.1 Under Article. 7 D. Decree no. 70, April 9, 2003 (Implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC on certain legal aspects of information society services in the internal market, with particular reference to the electronic commerce), we inform you that the website is designed and managed by LOEM Sas, with the headquarters in Giovanni Plana n°9 street, P.I. IT10495580010, registration number in the register of economic activities, REA, TO-1138107, e-mail address: (hereinafter, for brevity "LOEM" or also, for simplicity and indifferently, "HUBWIT"; use in such a graphical form is to be considered equivalent to the above company name).

2.2 Hubwit ® is a registered trademark with the exclusive property of the company LOEM Sas, whose use is banned for the Users, for any reason and/or cause, without any prior written permission from LOEM.

2.3 The website HUBWIT is a platform dedicated to non-professionals subjects, as defined under Article. 3 D. L.vo September 6, 2005, n. 206, that allows "Registered Users" to take advantage of a network of tools and services, as well as the site visibility and the consequent possibility of the meeting between the individual "Users”, this in order to offer for sale and/or acquire specific consultancy services called "Wit "and" Videochat ".

2.4 The ability to use the services and tools offered by the site HUBWIT, and to engage in any transaction of sale and/or purchase of such services, are reserved exclusively for "Registered Users".

2.5 HUBWIT site registration is free

2.6 The registration on HUBWIT, and the use of the services offered by the site HUBWIT to offer for sale / purchase of "Wit" and "Videochat" is only allowed to "Users" who work in this context as subjects "not professional", pursuant to art. 3 of the L.vo September 6, 2005, n. 206. When registering the User responsibility must expressly declare that they do not use the services offered by the site HUBWIT as a professional subject as defined under art. 3 D. L.vo September 6, 2005, n. 206.

2.7 During the registration, the user must explicitly declare that he has read and agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use

2.8 The services offered on the website HUBWIT are reserved only for adults. At the time of registration and acceptance of the terms of use, the user expressly declares, in its responsibility, to be an adult, and that can validly give their consent and have their rights properly.

2.9 To register for the site HUBWIT each "User" must: leave a correct e-mail and upload an image on the profile.

2.10 The "Sellers" have to upload al least one picture per insertion within the site HUBWIT.

3. Type of users

3.1 The site HUBWIT provides the possibility of three different types of users: "Sellers", "Buyers" and simple "Unregistered Users".

3.2 The "Sellers" are persons who have registered within HUBWIT and they offer two types of services on the site HUBWIT: "Wit" and "Videochat";

3.3 The "Buyers" are people who have registered on the site HUBWIT and that can purchase "Wit" and / or "Videochat" offered by the "Sellers" on HUBWIT.

3.4 The "Unregistered Users" are subjects who did not registered to the website HUBWIT, but can still have free access to the site, view and browse the pages and content of it.

4. Operation of the site Hubwit®

4.1 The HUBWIT site provides the opportunity for the "Registered Users" to sell and / or acquire the so-called "Wit" and / or service called "Videochat" (as specifically defined in the preceding clauses nos. 2.4 and 2.5) provided by users with the quality of "Sellers".

4.2 "Users" expressly undertake not to sell and / or buy "Wit" and / or "Videochat" in a different manner than the normal order procedure through the site HUBWIT and, in any violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

4.3 “Users” are not allowed to request or provide personal information like e-mail, Skype and phone numbers. Users will need to communicate only via the internal messaging system "Inbox" provided by HUBWIT, this to allow the site team to ensure, in case of dispute, the maximum protection of the users. Otherwise, HUBWIT team can not intervene and protect in the best possible way the users. A behaviour not in line with HUBWIT rules will authorise HUBWIT to refuse the service and / or to negatively affect the user evaluation.

4.4 To transfer data ("Wit" service delivery ), HUBWIT recommends of using the instrument, where the "Seller" decides to use another tool that will respect the internal rules of HUBWIT. In any case, the "Seller" will have to make the download accessible to "Buyer" for 14 days.

4.5 The use of a single "Wit" is offered to the "Users" starting from $ 4.99 for each use. This price is located next to each advertising of every "Wit" by the words.

4.6 In addition to the fixed price services at a ($ 4.99) you can sell / buy services "Extra Wits" and "Extra Videochat" without a fixed price, this is only possible if the seller has achieved through positive reviews and a certain amount of sold services a position as Top Rated Seller. Any "Buyer" may purchase "Extra" services.

4.7 After two years (24 months) of account inactivity, HUBWIT is authorised to close the account profile and collect the revenues, without any return of them to the user in the future.

5. Terms of Payment and Collection of Revenues

5.1 Each individual HUBWIT profile may be associated with only one PayPal account.

5.2 Make sure your PayPal account is enabled to receive incoming payments in order to be able to withdraw their revenues.

5.3 For collecting the revenues is required a valid PayPal account.

5.4 The "Wit" and "Videochat" payment must take place exclusively by credit card or PayPal account by using of the PayPal system made available by HUBWIT.

5.5 The "Users" can not advance and / or accept orders out of the service provided by the site HUBWIT nor offer or accept forms of payment, as remuneration for the work covered by the "Wit" and / or "Videochat" other than those provided exclusively by HUBWIT site. "Users" are asked to report any infraction in this sense.

5.6 The 'Buyers' must match with HUBWIT concurrently with the proposal of the order an amount of $ 4.99 or a different specified amount provided as consideration for the performance of "Wit" or "Videochat", this will cause the invalidity of the same order.

5.7 If the user has sufficient balance for a specific order within the site HUBWIT, the same will be used automatically by the system without having to make a payment by credit card or from the PayPal account.

5.8 The "Buyers" pays HUBWIT in advance.

5.9 Each "Seller" is entitled to be accredited by HUBWIT by the net amount of $ 4.00 for each "Wit" and / or "Videochat" sold for $ 4.99 and whose order has been processed diligently.

5.10 Hubwit will credit your balance when you successfully deliver your work but the revenues are made available for withdrawal only after a safety period of 2 days. A work is considered successfully deliverd after 3 days from the date of delivery and in the absence of a claim by the buyer.

5.11 Revenues are made available for withdrawal exclusively when reach the balance amount of 25 $.

5.12 PayPal retains as compensation for the service offered a flexible commission from 1,8% to 3,4% of the total amount withdrawn from the account holder. This will change according to the account holder country and currency.

5.13 Any withdrawal is definitive and is not permitted any cancellation of the transaction. HUBWIT is not able to change, interrupt, or refund the process once is started.

5.14 In case LOEM or the HUBWIT staff blocks the user account due to violations of the user itself to these Terms and Conditions of use, the same user can withdraw the income from the sales only after a safety period, from 45 to 90 days depending on the causes of the block, from the date of receipt of the final payment, and, anyway, after the approval by the HUBWIT staff.

6. Running Conditions and Fulfilment of "Wit”

6.1 The "Wit" should be ordered only by typing the button "Order Now" on the site HUBWIT.

6.2 The "Seller" will be notified of the purchase of its own "Wit" both on its own account in the "Inbox" section within the site HUBWIT, either by an e-mail on the e-mail address indicated when registered with HUBWIT .

6.3 The order made by the buyer, can not be cancel by the "Seller", the purchase is then binding for both the “Buyer” an the “Seller”.

6.4 The "Seller" is obliged to respect the delivery time indicated at the time of creation and sale of its "Wit". In case the delivery time will be no respected, the "Buyer" will have 3 days from the date of delivery specified by the "Seller" to solicit the "Seller" and / or ask HUBWIT for the order cancellation and refund.

6.5 The order refund will negatively impact the “Seller” rating.

6.6 In any case is at the discretion of HUBWIT to intervene on a "Sellers" misbehaviour.

6.7 The "Buyer" which is not satisfied from the "Wit" received, has 3 days after the delivery to ask HUBWIT for a full refund or a re-sell of it.

6.8 The acceptance of the RE-SELL by the "Seller" determines the restoration of the sales process with no additional costs for the "Buyer".

6.9 After 3 days of delivery, in the absence of a claim, the service is considered carefully filled and no more objectionable.

6.10 The refunds will returned to the PayPal or Bank account of the "Buyer".

6.11 In any case, the unsatisfied "Buyer"can claim the"Seller" leaving a negative feedback.

6.12 The "Wit" delivery must take place exclusively in digital format. The "Seller" shall provide the "Buyer" a specific link where it can download the file coherent with the "Wit" purchased.

6.13 The "Seller" shall forward to the "Buyer" the full and running version of the file with the same subject as the"Wit" sold.

6.14 The "Users" are expected to examine that all the files are exempt from virus, trojan and / or malware. LOEM is not responsible for any damages that may result from the functioning of the website HUBWIT either for its contents, and the transfer of the files.

6.15 If the "Wit" delivered is not conform to the minimum level of quality acceptable for HUBWIT, after a review by its staff, HUBWIT within the time allowed will have the right not to credit the "Seller" by the amount paid by the "Buyer" and return the balance paid to the "Buyer".

6.16 The "Buyer" has the right to be refund for the amount paid, as consideration for the purchase of a "Wit" only if: there is a mismatch between the "Wit" advertised and the one delivered to the "Buyer", as long as the "Buyer" question it within 3 days after the "Seller" delivered the file with the service. HUBWIT will examine it and take its action.

6.17 The Buyer will be reimbursed at the discretion of HUBWIT, this if the service is not coherent with the description provided by the "Seller" or in case of no submission of the service ordered.

6.18 HUBWIT is committed to protect as much as possible the "Buyers" and "Sellers".

7. Qualification and Status of a "Seller"

7.1 HUBWIT raises the purpose of promoting and facilitating the "Sellers" in enhancing their skills so that they can take advantage of the services and visibility offered by the site HUBWIT. Therefore, the "Sellers" that are investing time and effort in their personal promotion , who promptly fulfil orders, providing a quality service and meeting satisfaction among the "Buyers" have the opportunity to get new status that gives them special opportunities, benefits and tools in the use of the site 'HUBWIT.

7.2 Each level will bring more and more opportunities and tools for the "Sellers" in the exercise of their activities.

7.3 Each "Seller" may, therefore, earn status for his account (defined as "Levels" ex. "Top Rated Seller") based on evaluation criteria based on their activities, on its performance and reputation among other users of the site HUBWIT. In particular, the assessment is based on feedback ("Feedback") of "Buyers" about the "Sellers" works.

7.4 The "Feedback" is an objective, impartial and truthful valuation of the "Buyer" in order to provide an opinion on the "Wit" or "Videochat” quality offered by the "Seller".

7.5 The "Feedback" is expressed using the button "Like" / "Do not like" and providing a brief description of the quality of the service offered. Is expressly prohibited the use of a language contrary to the code of conduct contained in the relevant section of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

7.6 The "Sellers" reaching the highest status are defined as "Top Rated Sellers". That status gives them access to features larger than the previous ones, including the "VIP" support.

7.7 The "Sellers" that access to a higher status will not only sell their Wit at a fixed price of $4.99.

7.8 The levels are updated periodically by an automated system, but HUBWIT can intervene at any time.

7.9 The "Sellers" who are promoted to higher status are required to maintain high quality in its services, in order to preserve the status and the good rating obtained.

7.10 The "Sellers" that in the fulfilment of orders do not meet the quality standards and the timing required by HUBWIT with reference to the status o rating acquired, lose the status and the benefits gained from it.

8. Operation of the service of "Videochat"

8.1 The HUBWIT site provides the opportunity for the "Registered Users" to take advantage of a service of "Videochat" starting from $ 4.99.

8.2 To use the service of "Videochat" is mandatory to install the latest version available of Adobe Flash Player.

8.3 To best utilise the service requires a broadband connection.

8.4 Each "Seller" must have a webcam and a microphone in order to use the service of "Videochat".

8.5 In the description the reference of the "Seller" at the “Videochat length is indicative.

8.6 "Users" have the right to interrupt the "Videochat" session by a mutual agreement before the period indicated by the "Seller" in the "Wit" description. In this case, the “Videochat” session is considered ended and the "Buyer" will eventually acquire a new "Wit" if he intends to get in touch with the "Seller".

8.7 In case of early termination of the “Videochat” session due to connection problems, for 24 hours, the "Seller" will freely restore the "Videochat" with the "Buyer"

8.8 The video and audio quality of the "Videochat" service depend on the Internet connection speed of the “Videochat” participants. LOEM and HUBWIT ® are not responsible for any low-quality audio and video service of the “Videochat”. In case of prolonged problems and / or impossibility of communication, the "Users" can report the problem to the staff of the site HUBWIT through the panel reports (Customer Support).

8.9 While using the "Videochat" service , the "Users" are required to respect the code of conduct contained in the relevant section of these Terms and Conditions of Use. The HUBWIT staff reserves the right to conduct spot checks to verify the correct use of the "Videochat" service. Any violation committed by the "User" will be punished according to law.

8.10 The HUBWIT staff reserves the right to record all or part of the “Videochat” session for the exclusive purpose of carrying out quality and content inspections for marketing reasons.

8.11 The "Buyer" will leave a negative review if he is not satisfied with the service received.

8.12 The "Buyer" will ask HUBWIT the reimbursement for non-completion of the service

9. Registration and Use of Personal Data

9.1 LOEM treats all personal data of the "Users" in full compliance with the National and EU regulations regarding personal data matter and, in particular, of D. Decree 196/2003.

9.2 During the registration, HUBWIT Users undertake to provide their name and real information relating to their personal data, whose management is controlled by the Information on the Processing of Personal Data, published in the site HUBWIT, which users acknowledge of having read and expressly accepted.

9.3 The "Registered Users" undertake to update or correct their personal information.

9.4 The "Registered Users" agree not to provide false personal information to LOEM and / or on the website HUBWIT. You also agree not to create an account on behalf of another person without any authorisation, also not to transfer your account to third parties, not to share your password nor allow others to access to your account or to take any other action that could compromise the security of it.

9.5 The user is aware of the fact that the website HUBWIT can be used some temporary markers as (cookies) that are transmitted from the site to the "Users" computer in order to allow a rapid identification. The "Users" can, via the menu of your browser, decide not to allow the cookies, or request to be informed when a cookie is memorised. If the user denies the permission or provides only a partial authorisation to the cookies store, it is possible that this involves the reduction of the HUBWIT functionality or of the individual services offered.

9.6 LOEM maintains technical data related to the connections (log) of all the "Users" in order to allow security checks required by the law and to improve the quality of our services and to customise them according to the needs of the "Users" themselves. These data do not allow the "Users" identification if not after a series of processing operations and interconnection, and necessarily throughout the cross of the data provided from other provider. Such transactions may be made only under the request of the competent Judicial Authority, this is expressly required by the law in order to prevent and / or to punish crimes.

9.7 In compliance with the Information on the Processing of Personal Data, all the "Users" agree and expressly authorise LOEM to do any promotional activities, market surveys, marketing studies, advertising and marketing initiatives undertaken by LOEM or third parties who carry out these kind of activities, over the possible sale or disclosure to third parties of data collected, except the right to object it. These activities will be carried out by persons out of LOEM, on which LOEM has no control or authority. In any case, the "User" shall have at all times the opportunity to object, asking for the cancellation of their account from the list of those to whom they are addressed the above messages.

9.8 LOEM has no control over the advertisements by third parties and does not determine the content, size, location and placement of the same ones.

10. Responsibilities of Service Provider

10.1 LOEM provides exclusively for the "Users” the support services to the activity of buying and selling of" Wit "and / or" Videochat ". LOEM is a third party and is absolutely foreign to further relations of any kind outside of its service and support, including the contractual relationships between the "Seller" offering to sell the "Wit" and / or "Videochat "and the" Buyer "who buys them.

10.2 LOEM disclaims any responsibility with contractual and / or pre-contractual and / or extra-contractual in respect with the negotiation, conclusion and execution of contracts for the sale of "Wit" and / or "Videochat" between the "Sellers" and "Buyers" via the website HUBWIT.

10.3 LOEM just provide to all the "Users", to the extent permitted by their profiles, the possibility to store, publish, display and transmit information - including, without limitation, text, photos, videos and musics - provided by the same on HUBWIT

10.4 In the D. Decree no. 70, of April 9th 2003, LOEM do not verify the content of the information which it transmits or stores, nor activities carried out by "Users".

10.5 LOEM exercises no direct control over media content and information made available by the "Users". Consequently, LOEM makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, legality, accuracy and reliability of the information provided. Consequently, LOEM makes no warranty, express or implicit, as to the truthfulness, legality, accuracy and reliability of the information provided. LOEM is not responsible for the "Users" behaviour, who remain the only responsible for the opinions expressed, of any image, video, or published link and, in general of any information or content transmitted, uploaded, stored or anyways made public through the site HUBWIT.

10.6 LOEM do not play any type of active surveillance or research related to the presence of illegal activities or information or facts or circumstances which make manifest the unlawful activity or information published. "Users" remain the only responsible for all the activities or stored or posted information on the website HUBWIT.

10.7 LOEM is not responsible in case the site navigation and access to the discussion spaces bring to the consultation of unwelcome information by the "Users" or are offensive or harmful.

10.8 In any case, HUBWIT offers the "Users", thanks to the "Report abuse",section the opportunity to report any unlawful conduct and / or immoral content on the website HUBWIT.

10.9 LOEM try to remove any information or illegal activities or violation or offences against third parties as soon as it is consider necessary or will receive an order by the competent authorities.

10.10 To the extent required by the actual law, LOEM may have to inform the competent judicial authority or the administrative authority having supervisory functions, if becomes aware of illegal activities

10.11 At the request of the competent authorities, LOEM provide information in its possession to enable the identification of the "Users", in order to detect and prevent illegal activities

10.12 LOEM can still, at its sole discretion, remove from the site HUBWIT any content it is retain illegal or not appropriate, even if the claim comes from a third party who laments the violation of their own or others' rights.

11. Ownership of Content and Information

11.1 The "Users" are the authors of all content and information stored, shared and published on the website HUBWIT and they declare, however, that they have the appropriate rights of use.

11.2 Except from a different instruction expressly stated by the "Seller" in the description of the"Wit", with the purchase "Wit" the "Seller" allows the "Buyer" unlimited use of all content related to by the subject of "Wit", with the sale of it the “Seller” let the “Buyer” the unlimited use of all the content inherent with what described in the “Wit”.

11.3 The "Users" expressly agree not to post information and "Content" that are violating the rights of third parties, or otherwise violate any law (including images, video, files audio or covered by copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or other proprietary rights).

11.4 The "Users" guarantee to have obtained all the consents, including the consent to the use of personal information of third parties (in full compliance with the provisions of national and EU legislation on personal data subject and, Specifically, the Legislative Decree 196/2003), from all persons having the right or responsibility to provide such permission, in respect of any content posted, uploaded, stored or anyways shared on the website HUBWIT.

11.5 Any responsibility arising from the publication and content that violates the third party rights is the responsibility of '"User" who posted them on the website HUBWIT. The "User", which has published, uploaded, stored or otherwise made available the contents LOEM agrees to relieve from all liability in this regard.

11.6 In case of the "Users" delete the contents from the website HUBWIT, these are also deleted from the LOEM server. However, it is possible that the contents removed are stored in backup copies for a temporary period of time (although not visible to others).

12. Code of Conduct

12.1 By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Use, all "Users" commit themselves specifically to:

- do not use the website HUBWIT for any illegal, racist or discriminatory purpose

- do not to publish any detracting content that incites hatred, threatening, pornographic or other contents involving gratuitous violence, with information relating to digital piracy, or making reference to any illegal activity under the existing laws;

- do not to require, provide or publish personal information, e-mail, Skype usernames, phone numbers or any other personal contact relative to the "Users" of the site HUBWIT. All the identities of the other "Users" of the site HUBWIT must remain anonymous.

- do not publish and disseminate news or pictures which will allow the identification of an underage or person incapable of discernment;

- do not to threaten, denigrate, insult, intimidate or harass other "Users" or other third parties;

- do not send any unauthorised commercial communications (such as, by way of example, communications spam) to other "Users" of the website HUBWIT;

- do not post or scans any identity documents or financial information or, in any case, sensitive data of yourselves or of third parties;

- do not upload or post virus, trojan, malware or other malicious code or use any material that could damage your computer (hardware or software) to other "Users";

- do not try to obtain login information or access to accounts of other "Users"

- do not collect any content or information of other "Users", nor otherwise access the website HUBWIT using automated tools (including, as an example, harvesting bot, robot, spider, or scraper);

- do not take action that could prevent, overburden, or compromise the proper functioning of the website HUBWIT;

- do not create share link to any website or page containing content that violates these Terms and Conditions of Use;

- do not promote or encourage any violations of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

12.2 LOEM and the staff of the website HUBWIT reserve the right to block definitively and permanently the Accounts of the "Users" who violate these Terms and Conditions of Use.

13. Advertising

13.1 On HUBWIT pages can be display ads run by LOEM or by independent providers or advertising. LOEM can enter the information taken from the navigation of the "Users" on HUBWIT and from the use of some services offered in a specific cookie and communicate them to third-party advertisers, this in order to appear on the site targeted advertising. LOEM has no control or authority over the ads created and published by independent third parties.

13.2 Part of the advertising proposed is generic and the same for all, a part of it might be customised to some "Users". In particular, LOEM and the independent providers of advertising, in order to provide a more interesting information service of advertising, will enter the information derived from information provided or by the use of some services offered in a specific cookie and use it to publish some personalised advertising on the website.

13.3 The advertising that appears will therefore contain main interests information over the "Users" interests. LOEM, as part of this automated service advertising, does not store information that can personally identify the "Users" identification.

13.4 The personalised advertising system can be deactivated at any time by the "Users", who may at any time choose to disable the use of the cookie throughout the commands of their browser.

14. Safety and Liability Limitations

14.1 The services offered on the website HUBWIT are made and checked with the maximum care. LOEM is committed, within the limits of the current technology, to use the best efforts to update and optimise their systems for firewall, antivirus and filters, in order to minimise the risk that the website HUBWIT suffer by third parties attacks and to safeguard the security of its services, the integrity related to the data traffic, location of them and the electronic communication with respect to any form of use or understanding which is not allowed.

14.2 Specific security measures are taken to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

14.3 In any case, the "Users" expressly accept the service as it is and with the eventual defects, with the promise of not consider LOEM responsible for any loss resulting from malfunction or interruption of operation occurring on the website HUBWIT.

14.4 LOEM does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted access to the website HUBWIT, since the functioning of the site could be influenced by external factors outside its control possibilities.

14.5 Under no circumstances LOEM could be responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, of any kind, including, without limitation, damages for profits lost, lost data, interruption of the activity, or any other commercial damages or losses, suffered by the "Users" throughout the using of the website HUBWIT.

14.6 The "Users" expressly agree to keep LOEM unharmed from any third party losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses, including legal fees.

15. Entire Agreement

15.1 These Terms and Conditions of Use represent the entire understanding between LOEM and the "Users" and exceed all prior proposals, oral or written understandings or agreements between the parties.

16. Resolution

16.1 In case of violation by the "Users" concerning what is provided in these Terms and Conditions of Use, LOEM reserves the right to remove from the site the content uploaded by the "Users", to disable the account and to stop the supply of some or all services on the website HUBWIT against them, reserving any further action at the competent courts and administrative offices.

16.2 LOEM agrees to send to the '"User" an e-mail notification, in which the same is informed of the action taken against him.

16.3 The user is free to cancel their account at any time. In this case, these Terms and Conditions of Use will stop to be valid, but will remain applicable the following clauses: 9.6, 9.7, 10.4, 10.5, 10.12, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5, 14.3, 14.4, 14.5, 14.6, 17.1, 20.1 , 20.2.

17. Prohibition of conveyance of rights and duties

17.1 The rights and obligations contained in these Terms and Conditions of Use are granted in trust to the "Users", which can not transfer their rights and obligations derived from the Terms and Conditions of Use without the prior written consent of LOEM. Any transfer of rights or obligations in violation with this clause shall be considered invalid.

17.2 If LOEM authorises users to give up some of the rights and obligations here reported, the "Users" authorised will remain responsible for the proper fulfilment of the requirements by the third cessionary.

18. Ownership of content

18.1 The brands Hubwit®, Your daily surprise™, Wit™, $4,99, Videochat™, My Wits™, My Videochat™, Extra Wit™, Extra Videochat™, the domain name HUBWIT, the html code, the slogan, the “Terms and Condition of Use”, the “Information on the processing of personal data”, the graphics element and any other content of industrial and intellectual property on the website HUBWIT are the under the exclusive property of LOEM, with the sole exception of the content uploaded by the “Users” under their sole responsibility.

19. Changes

19.1 LOEM reserves itself the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of Use by a written notice published at least 15 (fifteen) days before the change on the management page of the website HUBWIT. These changes will be subject to the consent of the '"Registered User" on the occasion of his first access on HUBWIT .

19.2 Any urgent changes concerning legal or administrative aspect may be done without any prior notice, but the "Registered Users" will still be informed by reporting on the management page of the website HUBWIT and will be called to approve them as the art. 20.1.

20. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

20.1 These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the Italian law.

20.2 In case of disputes relating to the performance and / or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions of Use, the issue will be donated to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Turin.

21. Communication

21.1 Any written communication addressed to LOEM and the staff of the website HUBWIT must be sent by e-mail: or

22 .2 Any eventual reports relating to the failure to meet the terms of these Terms and Conditions of Use or to unlawful behaviour on the website HUBWIT, may be reported to LOEM throughout the space "Report Abuse."